Waist Training Pros and Cons

If you keep yourself well informed of the latest fashion in town you would be aware of the waist training hype created by some well known celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian. These celebrities have promoted its use and guaranteed its effectiveness. Before blindly following their footsteps just because they are popular, it is advisable to carefully research what waist training actually is and what its pros and cons are. Waist training in simplest terms is the practice of wearing a tight garment around the waist in order to lose waist and achieve a slimmer look. Here is a list of a few pros and cons of waist training.


It promotes weight loss. Some waist trainers are designed to be worn during workout. These high compression garments around the waist stimulate more sweat during workout speeding up the weight loss process. Also, if you wear it at mealtimes, you will feel fuller faster meaning you will only eat what’s necessary to eliminate your hunger and not more, promoting further weight loss.

Gives a slim figure instantly. Wearing these high compression garments around the waist will take 3 to 4 inches instantly off your waist. Many women prefer wearing it under their dresses when going out for a special occasion. It will make them look slimmer and their dresses look much prettier on them. Once you look good, it will give an instant boost to your confidence as well.

It gives back support. Many people, both male and female wear it for back support as well. For those who suffer from back ache problems, regular use of waist trainers will provide them with the necessary back support and a relief from the pain.

Improves your posture. While wearing the waist trainer, you will be able to keep the perfect posture while sitting and standing. The boning of the waist trainer helps in preventing you from slouching. With its regular use you will get in the habit of maintaining a good posture.

It helps in regaining original waist size after giving birth. It is used by women who have just given birth. Wearing waist trainers regularly for a couple of months can help regain their pre-pregnancy waist sizes back faster. Jessica Alba after having used it after giving birth, claims of its effectiveness.


It is not comfortable to wear. Wearing something too tight around the waist will most likely cause discomfort. Do not tighten it beyond limits, because this practice will do more harm than good. If you feel any shortness of breath, bruising, sharp stomach pain or numbness in the legs it means that you have tightened it too much. You need to discontinue its use immediately.

Wearing it during meals will cause heartburn. Wearing it during meals, although preventing you from overeating can cause some serious issues. It will prevent proper digestion in addition to pushing acid into your esophagus causing heartburn. To learn more disadvantage of waist training and to get the best waist trainer click here to read more.

It can cause muscle weakness. If you are wearing your waist trainer constantly for extended periods of time it can cause your muscles to weaken causing muscle atrophy.

It can reshape your bones.  Excessive and aggressive use of waist trainers has the capabilities of reshaping your bones. This aggressive reshaping of bones will also weaken them in the process. Think carefully before providing yourself with permanent, irreversible bodily harm.

Making Nuts Milk and Green Juice with Cold Press Juicer

Juices are great source of energy and nutrients. They are packed with minerals, iron, enzymes, carbohydrates, and vitamins. As we all, know the best way to consume these minerals and nutrients is through vegetables, but because of our busy schedule, we are unable to maintain vegetables and fruits in our diet. Most of the time, we end up eating unhealthy food that will affect our body in a negative way. For a healthy and active body it’s very important to consume these nutrients on a daily basis. The fastest and the most beneficial way to do so, is by drinking fresh juices. Since there are many ways to consume these juices but the best way is to prepare on at home, in this way you’ll be one hundred percent sure that its pure. Now, mainly there are two kitchen appliances that are used for this purpose: a cold press juicer and a centrifugal juicer.

Among these two appliances, cold press juicers are the best. They will provide the purest and the richest juice from the fruit and vegetable because it uses two techniques to extract the juice from the fruit or vegetable. First, it shred the fruit or vegetable and then it extract the juice with the help of a hydraulic press. While the centrifugal juicer uses one method that is a high speed-spinning blade. In this process, most of the fruit and vegetable juices are not being able to be extracted properly that is why a cold press juicer is preferred.

Cold press juicers are also great for extracting milks from different nuts and also for green vegetables. As these both drinks requires a lot of work from the juicer to extract all the juice and milk, cold press juicer is the right option. As it will use a high pressure to extract as much juice and milk as possible.

Today we will prepare a green juice and almond and cashew nuts milk:

Green Energy Boost:

It is simple to make, taste delicious and it will help you in your health, mental alertness and well being. It will provide you with energy and are the best way to start the day. To prepare this juice you will need; five kale leaves, three cups spinach, one green apple, one sprig of mint and a small piece of ginger. It should be a good deal to read cold press juicer reviews before purchasing them online to know what product offers most features.

Make sure to deseed the apple and remove the stem from mint. Than place all of them in the cold press juicer, a small amount at a time. Let the juicer perform its task. Once you have received all the juice, you can serve of can even save for future.

Nutty Milks:

To prepare this creamy and delicious juice, you will need a bag of almonds and cashew, must soak them overnight otherwise dry nuts will damage the cold press juicer. Now once they are soaked for a night, us a handful of these at a time in the juicer along with a quarter a glass of water. Make sure to add both of them; the nut and water together and then let the juicer do the rest. Once you have received the juice, you can serve it or can even store it for future.

These were the recipe for a green juice and nutty milk. I hope that you try them out.

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