Mini Food Processor for the Preparation of Baby Food

A food processor makes an indispensable part of most of the modern kitchens. Unlike the larger appliances which are a hassle to setup and even more of a hassle to clean, this little tool can easily be use for even the simplest of the tasks like chopping a bunch of vegetables or mincing garlic without worrying about the installation or cleanup. Another popular use for it in a house with a baby is to make pureed meals for the baby.

Why should you make homemade meals for the baby?

This is an important question since there are many different varieties of packaged food available at the stores. The reason for making homemade meals is that at home we can ensure that we put fresh and healthy ingredients in the meal to be of maximum benefit to the baby. We cannot guarantee if the manufacturers of the packages foods are using fresh and organic ingredients and processing them in hygienic conditions.

How does a mini food processor help?

At the stage when your baby starts weaning, he/she will have little teeth and are not so great at chewing food even with the teeth they have. This is why if you talk about the first stage baby food, the ingredients should be properly pureed to a smooth consistency after being cooked. For older babies or toddlers, you can also keep the meals a little chunky to develop their chewing habits.

The best tool for making baby food is a mini food processor since its bowl is just the right size for making single or multiple serving baby meals. The bowl of a regular food processor will be too big to process little quantities for your baby efficiently. In order to buy the best food processor of any types, FoodProcessorHub is the perfect source online.

How to control the texture and consistency of the meal?

Using your mini food processor, you can also easily control the texture of the food that you want to feed your baby with. You will simply have to keep push the on button for a longer time if you want a smooth puree. If you want a chunkier puree, you will only hold the button down for a couple of seconds and then lift the lid to see if it’s right for your baby. To make a thinner puree you can add a little water, juice or milk while processing.

You can try pureeing many kinds of fruits and vegetables for your baby. For toddlers, you can even puree the food you cook for the rest of the family so that they develop a taste for the food that is normally cooked in your house.

Making Nuts Milk and Green Juice with Cold Press Juicer

Juices are great source of energy and nutrients. They are packed with minerals, iron, enzymes, carbohydrates, and vitamins. As we all, know the best way to consume these minerals and nutrients is through vegetables, but because of our busy schedule, we are unable to maintain vegetables and fruits in our diet. Most of the time, we end up eating unhealthy food that will affect our body in a negative way. For a healthy and active body it’s very important to consume these nutrients on a daily basis. The fastest and the most beneficial way to do so, is by drinking fresh juices. Since there are many ways to consume these juices but the best way is to prepare on at home, in this way you’ll be one hundred percent sure that its pure. Now, mainly there are two kitchen appliances that are used for this purpose: a cold press juicer and a centrifugal juicer.

Among these two appliances, cold press juicers are the best. They will provide the purest and the richest juice from the fruit and vegetable because it uses two techniques to extract the juice from the fruit or vegetable. First, it shred the fruit or vegetable and then it extract the juice with the help of a hydraulic press. While the centrifugal juicer uses one method that is a high speed-spinning blade. In this process, most of the fruit and vegetable juices are not being able to be extracted properly that is why a cold press juicer is preferred.

Cold press juicers are also great for extracting milks from different nuts and also for green vegetables. As these both drinks requires a lot of work from the juicer to extract all the juice and milk, cold press juicer is the right option. As it will use a high pressure to extract as much juice and milk as possible.

Today we will prepare a green juice and almond and cashew nuts milk:

Green Energy Boost:

It is simple to make, taste delicious and it will help you in your health, mental alertness and well being. It will provide you with energy and are the best way to start the day. To prepare this juice you will need; five kale leaves, three cups spinach, one green apple, one sprig of mint and a small piece of ginger. It should be a good deal to read cold press juicer reviews before purchasing them online to know what product offers most features.

Make sure to deseed the apple and remove the stem from mint. Than place all of them in the cold press juicer, a small amount at a time. Let the juicer perform its task. Once you have received all the juice, you can serve of can even save for future.

Nutty Milks:

To prepare this creamy and delicious juice, you will need a bag of almonds and cashew, must soak them overnight otherwise dry nuts will damage the cold press juicer. Now once they are soaked for a night, us a handful of these at a time in the juicer along with a quarter a glass of water. Make sure to add both of them; the nut and water together and then let the juicer do the rest. Once you have received the juice, you can serve it or can even store it for future.

These were the recipe for a green juice and nutty milk. I hope that you try them out.

A Guide for Purchasing Smoothie Blender

Blenders not only help in making smoothies and milkshakes but much more. However, if you are a fan of smoothies and consume it on a daily basis, you should consider buying a smoothie blender rather than a regular blender. A smoothie blender is similar to a regular blender with some added features to make the perfect smoothies. Their purpose is to make the best smoothies from frozen ingredients.

If you plan on buying a smoothie blender, here is a list of features that must be present in the blender you select:

Powerful Motor:

One of the most important features to look for in a blender for smoothies is a powerful motor. A good motor allows you to add frozen fruits instead of fresh ones. Frozen fruits give a thicker consistency to your smoothie. In addition, with a strong motor, you don’t have to cut the ingredients before adding them. The motor will have no difficulty processing whole fruits and vegetables. Probably the most important reason for a strong motor in a smoothie blender is its ability to crush ice. Ice also gives thicker consistency to your smoothie and enhances the taste. A smoothie blender with a motor power at least 600 watts should work fine.

Stable Base:

The smoothie blender you choose should have a stable base preferably made of metal. Plastic bases are usually not stable enough and do not offer much stability in the face of high speeds and tough ingredients. They will vibrate or move while processing your smoothie and reflect a weaker motor.

Speed Settings:

A minimum 3 speed setting is recommended to achieve the desired textures of smoothies. Many people use the pulse option to chop the ingredients before pulverizing them with the liquid base. If you prefer this technique then make sure that the blender you choose has a pulse option as well.

Easy Cleanup:

Preferably the lid and the jug should be dishwasher safe to allow for hassle free cleanup. Even if it is not, it should allow easy cleanup by just adding soapy water to the pitcher and pulsing it for a couple of seconds. You wouldn’t want to use a blender that is difficult to clean on a daily basis.


A bigger size is better than a smaller one so that you can also make smoothies for multiple persons without having to repeat the steps. The material should preferably be plastic rather than glass. Not only are plastic ones cheaper, but they are also lighter and are less susceptible to breakage, making them an ideal choice for high speed rotations.

 Good Warranty:

The general idea is that the longer the warranty, the better for you. A longer warranty would motivate you to use is more often without the worry of any damage or expensive repairs. The good quality, high-end blenders offer 5 to 10 years warranty by the manufacturer.

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